Hi – I’m Josh, and I’m the Labour Party candidate here in Calder Valley for the general election on 8th June.

Calder Valley is the most important place in the world to me and I’m an active member of the community right across the area. I live in Hebden Bridge with my wife Rebecca, I have previously lived in Brighouse, and I’m a member of the Round Table in Elland.

If I’m chosen to be your MP, I will champion Calder Valley and all the different communities and concerns within it, and push for the change we need.

This is one of the most important elections in a generation. The stakes couldn’t be higher. We have to ensure we protect our economy, our rights at work and our region in the upcoming Brexit negotiations. And we must make a stand for proper jobs and investment in the North of England.

With my work with a Christian anti-poverty charity and as a local councillor, I’ve seen the effects of the needless and vicious austerity measures imposed by the Conservative government. When our nurses are having to visit food banks to survive, things have clearly spiralled out of control.

No more. I will fight for Calder Valley as an MP. For our schools, for our health service, for the protection of our community against floods. Frankly, the people of our valley have been poorly served, at best, by our current Conservative MP. It’s time for that to change. I look forward to talking to you all on the campaign trail.

I will be a strong voice for the NHS as your MP. I played a key role in the campaign to keep our vital A&E department at Halifax Royal Infirmary, leading a march from Todmorden to Huddersfield. The fight for our health service is personal for me – it has saved my mother’s life twice, and I will continue to campaign for full provision of NHS services for people in this valley.

The 2015 floods devastated our area. I have been so proud to see the way we have rebuilt as a community and of the £60m investment into preventing future flooding that our Labour council has delivered. As a Labour councillor I have done everything I can to ensure we have sufficient flood protection and environmental measures in place; for the future, while Craig Whittaker shockingly voted against increased flood defences just weeks after the floods hit our community.

I’m proud to have attended Calder High School and am appalled that the Tory government is failing to fund schools in our area – and all over the country. Craig Whittaker voted to scrap the Building Schools for the Future scheme that would have seen our crumbling schools rebuilt, but as your MP I will fight to secure the funding our schools and our community needs.

Calder Valley has a fantastic wealth of independent businesses and enterprise that we should be proud of. These businesses are vital for a healthy economy and need support and investment. I will champion the smaller businesses in our community that have been ignored by this government, who are failing them.